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How to Overcome Fee Objections

Free 30 Minute Livestreamed Masterclass
Wednesday May 10th at 2 pm US Pacific time

After the initial lift, traditional S.M.A.R.T. goal setting always left me feeling exhausted, like I now had a huge job ahead of me.

There was always something missing. I could feel it in my gut.

A personal message from Richard Petrie (3 min.)

Sick of clients questioning your fees?

Let's give you the scripts and tools to get that sorted.

Join me and Eric for a 30 minute rapid fire training on how to handle fee resistance ...once and for all.

I have the tool kit just for you.

Key points:

  • "What do you feel is your most powerful belief"

  • "What came first the belief or the success?"

  • "What is one belief that held you back?"

  • "How did you get past it?"

In a live 30 minute Livestream we will discuss:

  • You'll receive my deconstruction format that turns tiger sized objections into a pussycat that can be easily pushed off the couch. Fee thieves will be powerless to defend against you.

  • Half an hour of training might stop you from discounting by $30,000 to $100,000, or going unpaid for out of scope work, because you don't have the words or mindset to fight back.
    *That means this 30 minute training might be worth $1,000 a minute to you.

  • You'll be embarrassed to know that there is no charge for this session (you can make a donation LOL)


that ONE debilitating cold belief about your fees, that you now hold, was melted like ice on a hot fry pan.


a belief about your design value was made so strong that clients are attracted and captivated by your deep inner confidence.


believing that every client you took on from now till whenever was going to deliver you at least one high quality referral.

Follow these laws and the universe bends for you.

You will also understand the psychology of fee resistance ... why people question your fees even when your fees are NOT high and how to eliminate this nonsense.

Explode your income and enjoyment for your profession again by raising your fees.

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Attendees will receive 52 of the premium scripts our high-fee earning SIX+MAPS members use.

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You don't have to be a member of our fee lifting, project winning SIX program to get access to this special training, because we are sharing it publicly at no charge for a limited time.

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In this livestreamed session, Richard Petrie and Eric Bobrow (co-founders of Architect Marketing Institute) were grilled by architects from around the world, providing actionable answers, tips and expert guidance help you take your fee earning abilities to the next level.