How to Make THIS Your Best Year Ever

The Project-Winning 9 Step Architect Marketing Formula

Discover the step by step strategic marketing method that attracts the best architectural clients and enables you to increase your fees.

If you want to upgrade the quality of projects you win in the next 12 months

…then please read every word of this page carefully.

Winning projects requires a proven process.

No different from a construction process or a recipe. Each step is important. The order of the steps are important. 

If you miss one step or get the sequence out of order you can ruin the recipe. 

Imagine that there is a large sum of money locked in a vault. First, you need to unlock the door, but there are millions of combinations.   Then, let's say I’ve spent 9 years day and night testing every single possible combination until one day...

CLICK! I cracked the code! 
Then, suppose I write that combination on a piece of paper and hand it to you.   


You now have 9 years of my hard work. … the money is yours.

You see, I have spent 9 years of working with architects like you, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year trying to do just one thing. Finding out how to help them win better projects. 

This has been a 9 year obsession for me.

I may not be as smart as an architect but after a while, even I could see that winning projects requires 9 steps in the right sequence. It’s not that I am a genius but after working with over 800 architects and designers, I’d have to be a fool not to notice what works. 

How do these 9 steps give you the power to win dream projects?

First they get you hyper-focused on one niche at a time. 

Then they put you in, what I call, a value monopoly position, where rather than chasing clients, you attract clients with great projects because you bring more value to the table, than anyone else. 

That means you don’t need to sell, because these clients are coming to you. 

And you don't need to be the best architect either. 

VALUE goes far beyond design skill.

You will construct a sequence of highly valuable relevant offers for a specific niche that is irresistible to them. They simply feel compelled to connect with you if they are considering your type of project.

You rise to #1 in your chosen category, often the only one.

When you do this you get to pick and choose the best projects and leave the rest. Your biggest problem becomes how to say ‘no’ to clients who are not a fit. 

You also gain the privilege of charging a premium fee. That's the benefit of being #1.

This 9 step system:

…attracts the RIGHT clients with the RIGHT projects before they talk to anyone else.

… QUALIFIES clients who are a good fit and repels those who are not.

EDUCATES, MOTIVATES and INDOCTRINATES potential clients so they turn up to the first meeting expecting to pay you for the second. 

…POSITIONS you as the most VALUABLE option (maybe the only option) and worthy of higher fees.

The formula works for any niche you choose to focus on.

Click below to learn how to set up this system for your firm.



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Richard Petrie

Co-founder of the Architect Marketing Institute. Richard has trained over 800 architecture and design firms since AMI began in 2013, and is considered by many as the world's leading architect marketing coach.

There may be 2,000 different marketing strategies you might be considering. Knowing what to do can be overwhelming. But you can shorten your focus down to just 9 magic steps.

Even if you are busy right now, you need to know how to win dream projects in ANY market conditions. The weather is about to change!

You can wait another 10 years to work it out for yourself …or just roll up your sleeves now.

Invest in yourself

Simply set aside 90 minutes, read the material I give you in advance, and turn up on time with a CAN DO attitude. 

You know that when you upgrade your projects, you upgrade your portfolio, your income and the quality of your life.

This is your fast start to putting your 9 building blocks in place. 

So we can hit the masterclass running, you will receive the following in advance:

  • “What's my number?” spreadsheet. Please complete and return a copy to us. This spreadsheet allows us to work out how many inquiries and meetings you will need to attract to reach your 2023 income goal. 

  • Your 21 power questions. This document will get you to focus on the breakthrough areas that will allow you to get your current thinking UNSTUCK and lift you to a new mindset. Please complete and return to us prior to the session.

Please turn up 5 minutes early with your pre-work done so we can hit the ground running. 

Bonus gift: As a reward for completing the masterclass you will receive your AIA learning credits and my ‘52 Fee Objections Scripts’ special report.

Enthusiastic Feedback from Attendees

Troy Gration:

People don’t understand what a good architect does until well after he/she has done it!

Justin Nigh: 

Simply charging for the LCC totally changed the type of client. 

It’s a great filter.

Denham Bowen:

Thank you Richard. A great Cricketer and Presenter!

Tyler Patak:

Very good ideas. 

 I’ll be starting to address my deficiencies immediately. Thanks.

Darrell Vickers:

Thank you Richard - looking forward to your other nuggets of wisdom.

Maria Brempou:

Thanks as always amazing advice there.

Maria Luisa Castellanos:

Thank you, Richard. Great presentation.

Angus Stevens:

This is their own marketing strategy - I’m on the hook!


Sorry, have to run. Great presentation. Thanks.

Ifeoma Nwafor:

Thanks. It was such a wonderful session.

David Clayton:

This webinar was perfect timing for me. I’ve been feeling strongly lately that I need to revamp my business and marketing strategy. Thanks, Richard!

Daniel Stewart:

I need to run. Thanks so much for the masterclass. 

Great info, I love what you guys do.

Success Stories of AMI Clients Using the 9 Step Architect Marketing Formula

These are just a tiny percentage of the "WINS" that we've seen reported over the past 10 years.

NOTE: Many of these posted comments (taken from our Facebook group or Slack discussion area) refer to LCC's. The "Low Commitment Consultation" is one of the 9 steps you'll learn about in this masterclass. It is a way of packaging pre-design research and analysis into a branded "product" that clients happily pay for. 

Most architects give this valuable information and advice away for free, while trying to win the trust of the client. If you're not offering prospective clients an LCC, and charging a fee for it, you're leaving money on the table - and may be out-maneuvered and out-sold by any one of our SIX+MAPS members!

Course Details

AIA Course Number: AMI-9S-2022-R

Delivery Method: On Demand

Program Approval Expiration Date: 11/02/2025

Prerequisites: None

Program Level: Beginner

Advance Learner Preparation: None

Program Title: 
Discover The Project-Winning 9 Step Architect Marketing Formula

Program Description: 
Learn 9 key steps that will help you develop your own project-winning competitive advantage, boosting your confidence and ultimately your portfolio and your fees. 

These tested and proven strategies can be easily adapted to work in any market. 

They will provide a solid foundation for your business development, helping you to win good projects even against competitors with more experience, a bigger portfolio or lower fees.

Learning Objectives:

  • ​Learn how to choose a niche where you can become the #1 option or create a new branded category where you are the only option.
  • Learn how to get paid for the pre-design work you currently do for free to win projects. No more free site visits, no more free advice, no more free sketches!
  • ​Learn how to generate a simple statement, better than any ‘elevator pitch’, that gets the attention of your ideal clients, because your value to them is clearly obvious.
  • ​Learn a simple technique that gives you the name, address and phone number of ideal clients in your chosen niche who are considering design projects.
  • ​Learn how to construct a specific high value first appointment that your ideal clients will want to book, even if they have never heard your name.
  • ​Learn what to say to potential clients who have gone quiet, without sounding desperate or needy, that frequently gets them to kick start their project on the spot.

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